We launched an all-new website!

A wise owl once said making the perfect chicken wing takes time, but updating a website can take an eternity. Well, after ample time in the kitchen we're finally serving up an all-new Original Hooters website. In fact, this is the 5th version of our website since we first took to the information highway in 1999.

The last iteration of our site has served us well, but seeing as it was built in 2012 (yes, 8 years ago), it was time to leave our perch and swoop into 2020. Okay, in hindsight maybe we should have held off another year, but we were all getting pretty hungry for some of our nearly world famous chicken wings and ready to refuel with some ice cold beer (nothing's changed in that respect).

Fortunately, our new site has changed for the better. Faster, easier to use, prettier, and with better accessibility on smartphones and tablets. Our homepage will continue to feature our latest promos and happenings. Our Menu has been updated with beautiful new imagery of all our items. Our Saga provides an in-depth timeline of Hooters history going all the way back to our start in 1983. And all our Locations pages now feature all the links for online ordering, catering, table booking, and Facebook store pages. They also feature rotating local and regional promos so it's always easy to know what's going on at your favorite Hooters.

Hooters - Website - Set your favorite Hooters location

Speaking of favorite Hooters, we've now made it possible to set your favorite Hooters location. Once you do, the order button in the main navigation will link you directly to online ordering for that store. Sometimes technology is pretty helpful, eh? But rest assured, we're still the same Hooters we've always been. Still delightfully tacky and, okay, maybe just a little bit less unrefined than we used to be. Stay hungry, and we look forward to serving you in 2021 and beyond.

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